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The story and details behind some of my selected images. Note: you can click on the image or image title (blue text) to see the iimage at full screen resolution. These are in no particular order.

Yosemite Chapel Snowfall February 28, 2005 Yosemite National Park, California, USA. Canon EOS 10D , lens not recorded. One of my "luckiest" images... I was on a short trip to California and my brother and I decided to go to Yosemite. The first night it was raining when we sent to bed (we were staying at the Yosemite Valley Lodge, iin the park) and I had given up on any early morning photo opportunities. My brother woke me up well before dawn telling me that the rain had turned to snow during the night and to get my a** in gear. We headed out and found this scene just a short drive away. I photographed right from the road and had to watch for the snow plows that were out clearing the road. In just a couple hours all this snow had melted and this scene was gone. My only regret is that I only captured the image in jpg format which I gave up later to capture all my images in raw format.

Road to Guadalupe Peak January 18, 2020 Pine Springs, Texas, USA Sony A7 III, 24-105 f4 lens at 36mm. A short excursion with my son to west Texas to visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park, one of the lesser known national parks, but just as inspirational. I'd researched some possible photo locations before the trip and saw this location on Highway 54 south of the park. I scouted in using Photo Pills and other computer apps and was hoping for a dramatic sunset. We drove this road a couple of times during the afternoon and settled on this spot. Sunset didn't turn out to be as dramatic as I'd hoped, but I still feel I got a decent shot.

Fan Pier Park October 16, 2021 Boston, Massachusetts, USA Sony A7 III, 14mm f2.8 lens. On a fall trip, with my wife, to Cape Cod we spent a couple of days exploring Boston. Once again some internet research before the trip helped me find this location which is across the Bass River from downtown Boston and the Boston Harbor. We hung out until after sunset when the city lights started to take over and a llong exposure (30 seconds) with a small aperature (f19) smoothed out the sky and water and produced the star-burst effect with the street lights.

Joshua Tree Sunset January 19, 2019 Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA Sony A7 III, 14mm f2.8 lens. A solo trip to southern California for a few days in Joshua Tree National Park. Despite a government shutdown the park was open and I didn't witness any of the trash overflows or vandalism that I'd read about. I'd hope to photograph the total lunar eclipse that was taking place on the 21st. This image was taken on my first evening in the park just a few yards off the main road (Park Blvd). This rendering was done by using photoshop in post-production to give the oil painting effect.

Jordan Pond September 27, 2018 Acadia National Park, Maine, USA Sony A7 III 16mm

All images © Paul E Blackburn. All rights reserved.

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