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2024 Weekly Challenge

My entries in SlickPic's 2024 52 Weekly Challenge.  The challenge includes submitting 3 images each week for the specified theme. I'm using this challenge to expand my photography skills and to motivate me to keep shooting throughout the year .  You can view other photographers entries in SlickPic's challenge by viewing the public weekly challenge gallery

 Week 1 January 1 - 2023 Favorites. Three of my favorite images of those that I took in 2023 

Week 2 January 8 - Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). I intentionally moved the camera during the exposure to achieve an artistic effect.

 Week 3 January 15 -Silhouettes. A silhouette is a solid, dark image of a subject against a brighter background.  The first silhouettes originated in 1850s France as a cheaper alternative to having a portrait painted.

Week 4 January 22 Leading Lines - natural or man-made lines that guide a viewer's eye thru the photograph.

 Week 5 January 29  - Still life. A still life is a collection of inanimate objects arranged as the subject of a composition.

 Week 6 February 5 - One Color. Also known as monochrome or monochromatic.  A monochrome describes an image where everything in the frame appears as shades of a single color.

 Week 7 February 12 - Diagonals.  Incorporating non-vertical and non-horizontal  lines in in an image can help to create impact and help lead a viewers eye thru the image.  

 Week 8 February 19 - High-key.  A style that features predominantly bright and light elements, often characterized by a nearly or completely white background and minimal shadows. High-key conveys a sense of airiness and a positive, ethereal mood. 

Week  9 February 26 - Reflection.  Reflections in photography involve using reflective surfaces, such as water, mirrors, or glass, to create visually captivating and often symmetrical compositions.

Week  10 March 4 - Low Light/Night.  capturing images in environments with minimal lighting, often creating atmospheric and dramatic scenes.

Week  11 March 11 - Bokeh. The aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image, creating a soft, visually pleasing effect that highlights the main subject. 

Week  12 March 18 - Food. 

Week 13 - March 25 - Abstract. Capturing elements of a subject that may not be immediately recognizable, emphasizing shape, form, color, pattern, and texture. Producing surreal and thought-provoking imagery by disregarding traditional representation. 

Week 14 - April 1 - Black & White. Emphasizes contrast, texture, and composition over color. By removing the distraction of color, black and white images allow the viewer to focus on other elements of the photo, such as light, shadows, shapes, and forms.

Week 15 - Macro. Macro images are where the magnification of the subject is life-size or bigger.

Week 16 - Panorama. Panorama images are usually  at lleast twice as wide as tall  to show a sweeping scene.

Week 17 - Architecture. This genre is all about  about photographing buildings and similar structures in an aesthetically pleasing and accurate manner.

Week 19 - Negative Space.  Using empty space around and between the subject draws the viewer's attention to the subject.

Week 20 - Texture and Patterns. Finding texture and patterns both in nature and man-made .

 Week 21 - Forced Perspective. Using the camera to create optical illusions with near and far subjects.

 Week 22 - Symmetry. Creating a balance and correspondence between two sides of an image, can evoke a sense of order, harmony, and perfection, and can be visually satisfying and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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 Week 23 - Urban Decay. Finding beauty and or stories in everything. Even in abandoned places and old, deteriorating buildings,

 Week 24 - Film Noir. The genre Using the dark and moody style of 1940 and 50's crime and thriller movies.

Future challenges include:                                                                                            
       June 17 – Water Photography
       June 24 – Minimalism
       July 1 – Center Composition
       July 8 – Double Exposure
       July 15 – Candid Portraits
       July 22 – Motion Blur
       July 29 – Backlit Scenes
       August 5 – Golden Hour
       August 12 – Self-Portrait
       August 19 – Rule of Thirds
       August 26 – Tell a Lie
       September 2 – Squares or Triangles
       September 9 – Hallways or Staircases
       September 16 – High-Speed Photography
       September 23 –Wildlife Photography
       September 30 – Framing
       October 7 – Shadows and Highlights
       October 14 – Part of a Whole or Fill the Frame
       October 21 – Long Exposure
       October 28 – “Ugly” Location
       November 4 – Rule of Odds
       November 11 – Nature Close-Ups
       November 18 – Circles or Curves
       November 25 – Give Thanks
       December 2 – Your Home Town
       December 9 – Visualizing Music
       December 16 – Holiday Season
       December 23 – Something New

All images © Paul E Blackburn. All rights reserved.

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